Forbidden Palace, Beijing After taking numerous attempts to write this blog post and going into far too much detail I’ve decided to trim it down to a few paragraphs, I’ve got a few other ideas for posts but really should get this one out first!

First, the wedding. The day went really well and surprisingly smoothly. Everybody that we’d picked to help us out with our wedding was brilliant and helpful. About the biggest problem was the DJ (hired via an agency) but then it’s no big surprise to hear of a wedding DJ playing crap music. Apart from this the day was amazing, it was just great to be able to get all of our friends and family together and have a big party. It’s also great these days that with the wonders of modern technology we managed to see lots of photos taken on the day before we even went on honeymoon!

Wild Goose Pagoda, Xian Secondly, the honeymoon. We spent an amazing three weeks touring around China (Beijing, Xian, Guilin), visiting Hong Kong, and lazing on a beach in Koh Samui, Thailand. The culture and heritage in China was incredible, and our guides were really good at telling us all about it. Hong Kong was smoggy and cold (air conditioning!) but still an interesting place to visit. Finally Koh Samui was just a really nice place to relax for a week.

We travelled on 9 flights on our trip (going to and from the far east via Dubai) and apparently used 7 tonnes of CO2 to do it. Fortunately that’ll only cost us about £50 to offset apparently so we’ll probably do that soon. We used 4 currencies and needed 3 visas but it was all worth it for the great time we had, evident in the 830 photos that I took (select few now showing on flickr!)

So, I’ve kept this short, but if you’re interested in hearing more about the honeymoon then just drop me a line or ask me when you next see me. I’ll end this blog post in the only way appropriate by saying: my wife and I thank all of our friends for helping us make our wedding day go so smoothly and for helping us have such a great time.

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