Just thought I’d drop a note on here about a few events I’m going to soon…

Firstly, and most importantly - GeekUp Liverpool - on Thursday (31st May). I’m going to be doing a presentation on Open Street Map, and hopefully a bit of a practical demonstration too. It’ll be similar to one I did in Manchester last month (which was itself taken from one done by Steve Coast). This time though my intention is that by the end of it, the attendees will be able to go out and get mapping straight away without needing much more help.

Secondly, I’m happy to say that I’m one of the chosen few and will be attending the Yahoo! BBC Hackday 2007 in London. This should be a really fun event if only because I’ll be able to get together and have a few beers with lots of my friends. I know I have friends from Multimap, Yahoo!, OSM and GeekUp all going so it should be a great laugh. No idea what I’ll be hacking on, if anything, but I guess something map related would be the most likely.

So hopefully I’ll see you at one of the above events, if you’re coming to either don’t forget to mark your attendance on upcoming.org, I know for the GeekUp one we’ll be relying on it to get a good idea of numbers.

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