So I’ve now been up basically all night (5:14am, no intention to go to bed). Unfortunately I haven’t spent the whole night hacking, in fact the hacking task I was working on - getting the search API into the ruby library - was completed hours ago. I’ve actually spent the last 5 hours or so playing Rock Band.

We started playing cooperatively with two guitars and a drum set until around 3am when we got complaints about the noise of the drums (even though they’re not real, whacking some bits of plastic with real drum sticks makes quite a lot of noise!) Funnily enough though, the complaints came not from the sleepers but from the people playing Werewolf in a big group!

But back to the search API. I’ve added three new classes to the mmruby library: MMSearch, MMSearchFilter and MMSearchRequester. To perform a search you need to create a MMSearch object and then pass it to the MMSearchRequester class’s static search method:

s = { :data_source => '', :address => { :qs => "L19 4UD" } ) } ) r =

I have realised that there’s actually the routing API that also needs doing. It’s unlikely that I’ll get around to doing that today but I’m sure I’ll do it before long. I’ll post again once that’s done.

Again, not thoroughly tested just hacked together, any comments appreciated. Download mmruby-0.2 here.

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