I can finally announce, after first mentioning it two months ago, that my new web app is live.

mapof.it is a really simple app that lets you get access to maps easily, no matter what browser you’re using. To view a map of a location just put the name of the location after the slash in the URI. So to see a map of New York, for instance, just go to mapof.it/new york. You can see a route between two places by just listing the two places with a slash between them. To get a route between two UK postcodes you could go to mapof.it/ec4a 2dy/ec1n 2ns.

It’s such a small and simple app that there’s not really much else left to say in this blog post. Please head over to the site, take a look at the examples and have a play. I’ll be adding more features in the coming days and weeks so it’s worth keeping an eye on it. If you have any suggestions for new features or have any problems, I’m experimenting with Get Satisfaction for this project so head over there and let me know your thoughts.

I realise it hasn’t only been 2 months since I sent that twitter but also since my last blog post. I’ve got one nearly completed and a few more in mind so hopefully there’ll be more soon. I’ve also been posting more recently to blog.mapme.at so head over there if you haven’t seen it, hopefully there’ll be a few more posts on there soon as well.

UPDATE: Some sites don’t handle single line queries too well and can be improved by sending the country code as a separate parameter. You can now do this by putting a colon followed by the country code after your query, for example, mapof.it/mm/liverpool:gb - more examples on the site: mapof.it