We held the first Liverpool mapping party over the weekend and I’m glad to say it went pretty well. Though we didn’t get as many new people turning up as we would have liked, we still managed to cover quite a lot of ground. Our main target for the weekend was to get as much of the centre of Liverpool mapped and it looks like we managed to achieve that aim. There’s still a few areas towards the North West that need finishing off, and the Paradise Street Project still needs to be marked as “under construction” somehow, but we’re basically there for central Liverpool as you can see from this animation:

Central Liverpool Animation

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We also had people out mapping in other areas of Merseyside, Crosby got it’s first detailed OSM coverage, as did Birkenhead and Everton. Aigburth also saw numerous improvements including some path mapping in Sefton Park.

I have to say a big thank you to the guys at Glow New Media for their support, not only did they let us use their office as a base for most of Saturday, but they also provided breakfast and lunch! We also have to thank Rightmove for providing drinks and food in the evening.

We’re already planning the next party which we’re hoping to hold in January 2008. We should be able to get a dedicated space to use for the party to allow people to come and go more freely, and we’ll be advertising this one a lot more to try to get new people involved. I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it as soon as I have more information about that.

I’ll finish off by thanking everybody who came, it was great to see some people who hadn’t mapped at all before, and it was good to have lots of established mappers in attendance to help them out. I know some people travelled a long way just to help us out in Liverpool which is really appreciated. So, finally, the obligatory image showing all of our traces:

Click on image to see key

Liverpool Mapping Party Traces

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