As usual I haven’t really been blogging much recently, and when I do it’s usually about some tech subject or other. Something that’s not particularly techy, but a pretty big event for me, will be occurring tomorrow though and I thought I really should put some mention of it up here. I’m getting married!

Pretty much everything is arranged now, though there’s still lots of jobs to get done today and tomorrow morning to make sure everything runs smoothly. As you may have seen from my twitter stream, we got the rings and the rest of the suits yesterday. Today we need to do some last bits of shopping for our honeymoon, we thought some new luggage might be useful, and then I need to start transporting stuff over to the hotel that we’re holding the event in. My fiancé obviously has all sorts of girly jobs to do, such as picking up dresses and getting her nails done and getting all her family together in our house.

In good tradition, I’m spending the night elsewhere - I have a lonely little single room in the hotel to keep me company. Fortunately half the wedding guests will be staying there too so it shouldn’t be too bad :-) Tomorrow there’ll be lots more jobs, making sure the hotel is all ready for us, and distributing the corsages. I’ll probably end up having to make sure everyone has transport to make it to the church and back too, but that shouldn’t be a big problem as there’ll be lots of cars around. After that there’s something about standing in front of a crowd of people and saying something along the lines of “I promise to give you all my money”, or something along those lines…

Well, my fiancé’s calling so I think I have some jobs to do. I’ll probably update my twitter feed if you’re interested in what’s going on, hmm.. and sometime I’ll start my speech.