I’ve decided to add methods by which people can make donations to me if I’ve helped them through my blog posts (or in other ways, such as my free iOS apps).

Flattr this

If you’re on Flattr then you just need to click on the button and at the end of the month I’ll get a portion of the money that you’re loading into Flattr each month.

Alternatively, if you’re using bitcoin then you might want to send me some coin, if so my address is: 18hUJpFWTEAvQhbLn8eU6wEFfHDXxwLHbr

If you do make a donation do let me know so that I can at least say thanks! I’m just starting out with both of the above technologies so I’m not entirely sure I can trace donations to people with either service (of course Bitcoin promotes anonymity but I think that you should be able to tell if you recognise the sending address, though I’m not sure where to find it in the client).